Samsung S7 Launch

Samsung S7 Launch


In March 2016, PSG launched Samsung’s S7 Galaxy and Galaxy Edge into the Irish market. As Samsung’s most important product for 2016, our brief was to deliver unprecedented media coverage, social media awareness and overall target audience buzz. Our response was to deliver one of the biggest public PR stunts Ireland has ever seen, along with a major media and influencer event, a hard working product review programme and awe inspiring 360 video content for online and social, with a campaign reach of over 1 billion. Yep, 1 billion!

What we did

At notorious PSG we like to think big and deliver innovative campaigns that get the public talking. For this campaign we looked at the vision of the future that has been presented to us over the last five decades back to the days of The Jetsons, but never delivered. Our appliances were meant to be intelligent, and we were supposed to be flying around on our personal jetpacks! But, in CES 2016 Samsung showcased its connected consumer eco system, within which the S7 is the central device heralding that the future has finally arrived.

While jetpacks are not part of Samsung’s connected eco system, we thought what better way to announce the arrival of the future and mark the launch of S7 than bring a jetpack to Ireland?

We knew that the calculated risks would be worth the reward, and that our planned jetpack activity and 360 content would present a new and interesting perspective of Ireland, and bring some of the key Galaxy S7 USPs (video and imaging) to the fore.

Campaign Components

Launch Event - Major product launch event in the RDS, Dublin attended by 350 media, social influencers and celebrities, which got us trending on Twitter in Ireland. The event featured hands-on product demos, brilliant entertainment, VR experience with stunning 360 video content using S7 and Samsung’s Gear VR headsets, and the landing of the first S7, which was delivered by Nick Macomber, AKA JetPackMan who flew into the arena via a specially constructed tunnel – having a massive impact on the audience who took to their social media channels to express their amazement.

Public JetPack Stunt – For the first time ever, the Irish public saw a Samsung S7 branded man flying on a jet pack up the River Liffey in the center of Dublin, jetting over the Ha’penny Bridge and landing on a S7 branded pontoon to deliver an S7 to Irish supermodel and social influencer Thalia Heffernan who was awaiting his arrival. The massive public stunt was shot in 360 via a helmet cam and the amazing content was seeded through Samsung’s social channels. Needless to say, the public were shooting their own video and images and posting them to their channels, which helped the stunt and the Irish S7 launch go viral within minutes, with a potential reach of more than 23 million accounts on Twitter, and we secured media coverage across all of Ireland’s major media titles and around the world.

Media Relations and Product Reviews - To continue momentum and drive demand detailed coverage of the S7 handset, its feature set, price and availability we ran a hugely successful reviews and media interviews programme across print, online and broadcast. One of the highlights was JetPackMan flying live onto The Late Late Show and presenting Ryan Tubridy with an S7 – which represented a rare occurrence for a brand to get such commercial coverage on The Late Late Show for no fee.

360 Degree Video Content - The final part of the campaign saw JetPackMan give a whole new visual perspective on awe inspiring Irish landmarks through 360 degree helmet mounted video footage of him flying under and over the Bridges of Ross in Co. Clare, and up the Powerscourt Waterfall in Co. Wicklow. The video content was seeded out to Irish media and pushed through Samsung’s social media channels - resulting in more than 350,000 video views.



  • 84 national and international online articles: Total reach of 1,091,470,079
  • 20 Irish National Print articles: Total reach of 6,907,755; PR value of €840K
  • Conservative estimate of 23.1 million accounts reached on Twitter
  • Social media hits for the video (including Samsung Galaxy S7 mentions) were garnered across the world, including: Ireland, UK, U.S., Indonesia, Mexico, Spain, France, Germany, India, Japan, Hawaii, Belgium and others.
  • Key highlights include: Good Morning America,,, Terry Crews, Mashable and many others.