Brand Strategy

Our approach to brand and creative strategy hinges on finding shared ‘meaning’ – the connective tissue between a brand and its people, its followers, its customers and its fans. Finding meaning is a journey combining logic, magic, poetry and strategic perspectives to inspire people.

It starts with developing a clear understanding of the issue, challenge or opportunity facing a brand. We analyse cultural, commercial and category signals to understand the forces that shape or obstruct demand for brands and businesses.

Using this understanding, we ask the audience, get close to their lives and loves, decisions and demands, shaping real time insights from that close up involvement with real people.

From there we shape ‘threads’ – strategic storylines we want to explore, developing ideas and approaches from these that match back to the challenge, issue or opportunity.

Finally, we create ideas, programs and campaigns that people want to participate in, play with or simply shout about.

It’s never a straight line.

Brand Strategy